Artistry of all fashions can be found in our Gift Shop, from paintings and prints to carved masks and even handmade oriental glassware. If you’re looking for a trinket or treasure to remember your visit with us, to decorate your room, or to just let the people at home know what they’re missing, you won’t be disappointed with our selection.

Much of what is on display in our gift shop is original art from such well known artists as Jody Bergsma, Maggie Roe, Sue Coleman, Elton Bennett and many more. If you more fancy glassware to the painted forms of art, then we’re prepared to accommodate your tastes; we stock unique collectables, as well as original wood carvings, marine sculptures, art cards and hand-crafted jewelry.

We’re no stranger to kids either. There are stuffed animals from Ty, a great puppet selection from Folkmanis, along with children books and beach toys.

We also know that you will be incredibly pleased with your stay at Ocean Crest Resort; and you may very well want to show your pride with an Ocean Crest t-shirt, jacket, sweatshirt or other article of clothing. In which case, you can find all of these garments and more in our gift shop at a reasonable price.