Ocean Crest Resort Wins National Fame

 National Fame Ocean Shores Hotels 1969That was the headline of the newspaper page that was given to me by the Museum of the North Beach.  This is a fantastic piece of history from 44 years ago, to the day!

Unfortunately the scan if the page is not terribly legible, so we have typed out the article for your enjoyment.

Family Builds Business On Service, Gourmet Food

If there is one business on the North Beach that could be called “famous”, it would have to be Ocean Crest Resort, just south of Moclips-and the evidence would be reams of newspaper and magazine copy.  In the 17 years since the Curtright family bought Ocean Crest, then a small nest of four “cottages”, the resort has become a favorite of many writers from Pacific Northwest newspapers as well as publications from other parts of the country.

THEY WRITE glowingly about the Ocean Crest’s food, it’s accommodations, and most of all, it’s hospitality. It is sincere praise, and, from the OBSERVER’s view, well earned.

Building Ocean Crest from an exceedingly modest cabin camp to the status of a nationally recognized resort has been a family affair all the way.  Both Barbara and Jess Curtright were competent amateur chefs when they bought the cabins in 1953, and their great desire than was to some day add a fine restaurant to the place.

BUT THERE WAS about a thousand tons of hammering, sawing, scrimping, pipefitting, painting, building, financing, planning and just plain carrying that had to come first.

Now the Crest’s dining room and lounge, with the intimate Gourmet Gold Room, and the resort’s outstanding and somewhat stunning menu, are familiar to thousands of guests, most of them “repeaters” often and enthusiastically.

THE LATEST and most ambitions improvement to Ocean Crest is a three-story, 17 unit motel  guest building just finished on the south side of the resort’s picturesque ravine, leading to the beach.

ACCOMODATIONS in the new building range all way from cozy double beds at $12 a night through family units with several beds and cooking facilities to the plush bridal unit, with it’s king size bed, red velvet, and private balcony overlooking the ocean.

 National Fame Ocean Shores Hotels 1969

Cool, leafy setting adds charm and relaxation to the new guest building, recently completed at Ocean Crest Resort. Balconies provide views of the ravine and ocean.

The original four units, much modified and improved and redecorated, now surround the indoor swimming pool on the north side of Ocean Crest.  Three more units have been added.

ACROSS THE highway the Holiday House, with it’s three two bedroom apartments, brings the present total of units at Ocean Crest to 27.

All during the development of Ocean Crest to its present state as a major resort, the Curtright children have taken an active part.

ROB CURTRIGHT, the oldest, is a graduate of the school of hotel and restaurant management at Washington State University, and now bears a large part of the responsibility of operating Ocean Crest.  Sid Curtright, 26, now lives in Snohomish, Wash, but all during his school years was an active helper at Ocean Crest.

Both daughters, Barbara Ann and Shari, have waited table, cooked, acted as receptionists and worked at other jobs in the resort.  Barbara Ann, now Mrs. Sam Owen, lives in San Diego.  Shari, the youngest at 18, graduated from Moclips high school this year, and is doing a good share of the resort’s cooking this summer, before going to WSU this fall.

 National Fame Ocean Shores Hotels 1969

Ocean Crest owner, Mrs. Barbara Curtright, checks over gourmet menu with Linda Newman, left, and Sylvia Webb, service mainstays.

IN FACT, gourmet cooking is a family tradition with the Curtrights.  In the early days of the resort, and in fact until quite recently, the cooking was done by Barbara, Barbara Ann and Shari.

Jess, until his untimely death several years ago, delighted in donning a gold coat, the wine cellar chain and key, and preparing exotic meals on chafing dishes in the Gourmet Gold Room.

Mainstay in the kitchen now is Phyllis Hardy, of Pacific Beach, who came to the Ocean Crest about a year ago.  One night late last month she had 30 meals to prepare, all different, and all ordered at the same time.

“It was wild.  But it was fun”, she sighed.

Indoor Swim Pool For All Weather

Ocean Crest’s swimming pool-one of the first in any North Beach resort-is heated and covered for year-round use.

“Let’s face it.  If a pool is to be of any use to guests other than in the summer, it has to be protected against our off-season weather.  That’s why ours in indoors, in a separate building.  Our fall and winter visitors want to swim too.”

Ocean Crest, open year round, also features saunas.

Conference Room Resort Feature

A conference, seminar or party room is one feature of the new 17-unit addition to Ocean Crest resort.

The new room will handle meetings or parties of up to 30 persons comfortably, and more in a pinch.  It is in the lower level of the new addition, and has a separate outside entrance.

The conference room has a soothing view of the cool, green ravine leading from Ocean Crest to the beach, to  calm otherwise hot-tempered business meetings.  Information on the use of the room can be had by phoning the Crest’s reservation office at 276-4465.

 National Fame Ocean Shores Hotels 1969

Spectacular panoramas of the Pacific, as the sun sets toward the rim of the sea, are part of the magnetic attraction of Ocean Crest Resort, on the bluff overlooking beach at Moclips.

Beach Combing Is Happy Virus

The Curtrights of Ocean Crest have long been firm believers in “infecting” the traveler with one of the most catching viruses extant-beachcombing!

A sweeping look at Ocean Crest will tell you that all the Curtright family caught the virus long ago.  Floats, ship’s lanterns, part of an old Indian dugout canoe, shells, glass balls-all of the fascinating flotsam the sea brings in has been made a part of the general décor of the resort.

Writers Laud Ocean Crest

Here is what various newspaper and travel writers have had to say about the accommodations and hospitality at Ocean Crest:

“Ocean Crest is something else again!…and a wine cellar that’s hard to match…”-Walt Evans, Entertainment Editor and Feature Writer, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

“Luxury resort in this out of the way corner of the continental United States…and the world is beating a path to it’s door.”-Dick Barrett, San Jose (Calif.) Mercury-News.

“Ocean Crest does a turn-away business most of the year…”-Marshall Wilson, Special Writer, Seattle Times.

Rangoon Cat

The sleek Siamese cat who walks around Ocean Crest like he owns the place-does.  He is Rangoon, a beach-adjusted Sealpoint male whose duties include hunting field mice and welcoming guests.