What are your plans for this weekend?  How would you like to come to the beach and meet a World Famous traveller?  The Seattle WeeHawk is Blitzing Ocean Shores, WA!

I just got this email in for the Ocean Shores North Beach Chamber of Commerce.

July 10, 2012


The WeeHawk is the mascot for the Seahawks 12th man (the fans) and he has developed quite the following. Chris Johnson is the man behind the WeeHawk and when he was in town last year he procured a flag from the fireworks stand Shores Floors was running. This flag has been traveling with the WeeHawk and went with him to New York to be there on the 10th Anniversary of 911 where he was featured in a documentary.

Chris will be returning the flag to Malcolm and Kari McDonald of Shores Floors at a ceremony scheduled for Friday, July 13 at 4:00 pm at Shores Floors – 408 Damon Rd – just outside the ‘gate’.


Chris uses the WeeHawk to help publicize people, places and events and is offering to use the time he will be in town this weekend to help any chamber member who wants to barter for his service. He will trade his time and publicity machine for whatever you have to offer – ie; WeeHawk eating at the bakery, riding the mopeds, flying kites, etc.

Here are some comments Chris emailed when I asked about the kind of exposure he could offer:


:….WeeHawk’s exposure is global so I can’t put an exact number save for the fact that it’s in the multi-millions. The one link featuring WeeHawk was shot by a company called SportsBrand Media group out of Australia…they flew a videographer out here from England to do the feature on WeeHawk. This feature is being shown around the globe via various networks. WeeHawk has also been featured on National Radio (via the Big D and Bubba show). WeeHawk has over 5,000 Facebook friends but would have tens-of-thousands more if Facebook didn’t limit the number of friends one can have. WeeHawk is also on 3 NFL sponsored Facebook pages all averaging 4k likes each…in fact, WeeHawk is the cover-picture/profile picture for one of the pages -http://www.facebook.com/NFLTAILGATENATION?ref=ts…. .


The end result of the visit will be exposure on the Facebook outlets available to the WeeHawk via Chris Johnson.


Please join Chris and the WeeHawk on Friday, July 13 at 4:00 at Shores Floors.  


  Seattle WeeHawk Blitzing Ocean Shores WA

So give us a call to make your reservations to stay with us, enjoy some sunshine, and meet the Seattle WeeHawk.