Well… the Summer is over, it’s time to get the kids back in school and start planning for your next getaway.

It’s been a while since my last confession update.  We hydro-seeded the bluff about a month ago and have been watching the grass grow.  The lack of activity on the site has been absolutely maddening for me.

 Restaurant Fire Update 09 06 11Today however, we have geotechs on site.  They are drilling holes to test soil composition and stability.  You may click on either image for a larger version.

 Restaurant Fire Update 09 06 11So… that is where we are as of right now.  We have been working with an architect and restaurant designer on the plans for the new building.  I have my own renderings here…

 Restaurant Fire Update 09 06 11

I should warn you… I’m a REALLY bad artist.