As many of you know, we were able to recover some items from the restaurant building.  I am very proud to report that we got what I thought were the most important items.


 Restaurant Fire Update 06 25 11

These Tennis Plaques belonged to my grandfather, Jess Curtright.  Grandpa Jess was a great tennis player.

 Restaurant Fire Update 06 25 11

This is the flag from my grandfather’s coffin.

 Restaurant Fire Update 06 25 11

Grandpa Jess was a World War II Flying Ace.


 Restaurant Fire Update 06 25 11

These were my grandfather’s War Medals.  In this collection are 2 Campaign Medals, The Navy Air Medal, The Purple Heart of Honor, and The Distinguished Flying Cross.

Ever since Monday I wanted to recover these medals.  I spent hours sifting through ashes and debris one handful at a time.

I recently read a newspaper article about the class of 1941 from Stadium High School.  Interwoven into the article were original clippings from World War II.  I read that grandpa Jess had strafed a Destroyer from 7000ft down to 300ft.  I had been told part of this story before in the dining room while serving a classmate of grandpa Jess.  What I didn’t know was that grandpa Jess had to execute a water landing and was floating in the Pacific Ocean for 25 hours before being rescued.

THAT is why I had to find his medals, to honor him and his heroism.  Grandpa Jess was a great man, I am proud to stand in his shadow and to be his namesake.

If you have any pictures of grandpa’s medals, plaques and flag, please upload them on our facebook Fan Page.


Jess Owen

Assistant General Manager

Ocean Crest Resort