Sorry for the lull in communication, we are working very hard to keep up with everything right now.

So… what’s been going on at the fire scene?  The fire was finally extinguished sometime late Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning.  While carefully assessing damage inside the structure we were able to find a few items that, while not unscathed, survived the inferno in surprisingly decent condition.  Among the items was a paddle carved and painted by Herman Bruce Jr. in 2006, some glass balls, and a yellow cedar talking stick, also carved and painted by Herman Bruce Jr.

The last couple of days have been long, meetings with insurance agents, insurance adjusters, fire inspectors, ambulance chasers, etc…  Add to that the fact that we are trying to personally respond to everybody that is taking the time to email us, post on our facebook page, or wish us well through our blog, and the days are running well into the night.  If we have not personally thanked you yet, I am sorry.  We have been overwhelmed by the volume of blessings we have received from all of you.  We are doing our best to catch up, and if we miss a couple please accept my apologies.

We have always worked hard to treat our guests well with the philosophy that we were creating memories for them, not just serving them a meal.  Sometimes I wondered if you felt that connection as much as we did, and it is very heartwarming to see that you did.  We start to cry as we read your posts or look at the photos that you are sending us and then fight back the tears so that we can continue responding to you.  We will take time to mourn soon, but we have too much to do for now.

We are currently trying to put together a book of restaurant menus and hours as a resource for our guests and trying to find business that have openings for our “Ocean Crest Family” (staff) that have been displaced.  We are fortunate to be able to help our staff out for a short time, but it will take a while to begin the rebuilding process.  If any of you reading this have any of our staff apply at your business you should know that you are getting some of the best employees you will ever see, we are heartbroken to lose them.

Since I’ve written this whole post with an astonishing lack of sleep since Saturday, I hope it didn’t just come out as incomprehensible ramblings.  My hope was to give you some insight as to where we are in this process, because we believe that the spirit of Ocean Crest Resort is as much a result of our guests as it is a result of our staff, family, history and community.

Please keep the photos and descriptions of your happiest memories coming, either on this blog or on our facebook fan page.


Jess Owen

Assistant General Manager

Ocean Crest Resort