… at the 5th Annual Razor Clam Festival in Ocean Shores, WA.

 The Culinary Madman Strikes Again

Razor Clam Shabu Shabu, Razor Clam en Croute, and Pina Colada Clam-a-Cotta

We had a great time at the Razor Clam Festival.  We saw a lot of familiar faces in the crowd and met many new friends.  Thank you to everybody who cheered us on in the Professional Clam Chowder Competition and who voted for us in the People’s Choice Clam Chowder Competition.  We are sorry to say that Grandma’s Famous Clam Chowder, the winner of “9 out of 10 Clam Shells” by the Seattle Times Travel Editor, raved about by Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Anton Ohno in the Chicago Tribune and Denver Post, published in the Ford Times in 1989, and an Ocean Crest Resort Tradition since 1953, did not place… again.  But that is OK, we don’t anticipate Grandmas Famous Clam Chowder winning any competitions.  We understand that our chowder is atypical with a flavor profile that is more like a bisque than a clam chowder.  Congratulations to Quinault Beach Resort for winning the Professional competition, Waves Restaurant for winning People’s Choice, and Dee Dee Bass for winning the Amateur competition.

One thing is for certain, when you come to the Washington Coast, great food is easy to find!

What does all of this have to do with The Culinary Madman?  Allow me to set the scene.  Six top local chefs presented their Creative Clam Entrée to Celebrity Chef Kathy Casey and 2 members of her staff.  The competition was fierce, these top notch chefs pulled out all the stops to best each other.  There was no shortage of good natured smack talking in the kitchen as the chefs prepared their respective dishes for the battlefield that was the judges palates.  But when the smoke cleared, there could be only one First Place Winner.  And that champion was none other than The Culinary Madman,  Jess Owen, Chef/Owner of Ocean Crest Resort.

Here is a video of the award ceremony.