It is always great to hear from our guests and learn what we are doing right or wrong.  We get a lot of comment cards filled out, emails, ant letters received.  As a general rule, we don’t blog about the comments.  In this case I am making an exception.  Why?  At the bottom of our comment card we ask permission to share the comments in our marketing.  Not only did Allison say that we could, she wrote “Please do so!!”

So, without further ado, here is the comment card as filled out by Allison.

Q. What could we do better?

A. Make the food taste worse? Oh no!  You said “better!”  Not a thing!!  The Black Seafood Pasta was super delicious.  It was 5 minutes before I could take a bite as the dish smelled wonderful, great and overwhelmingly delicious!  When I did taste it, OH MY!  As good as my nose told me it would be!!!  Thank you very much Chef Robert, and I look forward to more.

Q. What did you like most?

A. Huh?  I have to chose one thing over the rest?  How could I insult the others?  Olfactory Overload… Tastebud Warming… A totally beautiful dinner to end a stressful day, in Moclips.

Wow, what a glowing review.  Thank you for the kind words, it was a pleasure serving you.