Spotlight on Sea Scallops

Curried Sea Scallops with Jasmine Rice and Asian Slaw

This dish is a multifaceted delight.  I will describe the dish at the end, after I discuss how it is prepared along with all of it’s components.  Don’t fast forward, yes I mean you Tami!

Let’s start with the sea scallops.  The scallops we use are called U/10 scallops, that means that fewer than 10 scallops will make a pound.  Those are some large scallops, for all of you math geeks, more than 1.6 ounces each on average.  If you have never worked with scallops, they are very easy to work with.  Just look for a small piece hanging onto the side of the scallop, you want to pull that little piece off because it is a little tough.  Cooking the scallops is a piece of cake, at our restaurant we just put them on our flat top grill with a little oil and a dusting of Ocean Crest Seasoning, flip them when ready and pull them off when they’re done.  Remember, you only want to cook your scallops medium rare.

On to the curry sauce, we start by toasting yellow curry powder then we add garlic and butter.  We sauté the garlic slightly and then add heavy cream and coconut milk and reduce by half.  Easy, huh?  The cream takes the bite out of the curry, so you get the complex flavors without the burn.

We prepare our Asian Slaw by thinly shaving Napa cabbage, green cabbage, purple cabbage, red onions, and carrots.  Toss them all together and you’re ready, except for the dressing for which you could use Yoshida’s Gourmet Sauce.

I’m not going to tell you how to make the rice, you can use your favorite method.  On to the plating.  We place the rice in the center of the plate, pour the warm curry sauce around the rice, place the scallops atop the curry sauce, place the slaw on top of the rice, sprinkle with sesame seeds (optional) and you’re done.  Enjoy!

What?  Why are you looking here?  Oh… I was going to describe the dish, wasn’t I?  If you’re not hungry now, you are going to be.  This dish is amazing because you have so many flavors and textures happening at the same time.  You get the rich, complex flavors of the curry, the sweet flavor of the sea scallops, the bite of the onions in the slaw, and the Umami of the slaw dressing, at the same time you get the tenderness of the scallops balanced with the crisp slaw and the al dente rice.

Have you ever tried Ocean Crest Resort’s Curried Sea Scallops?  Do you want to now?  Tell us what you think, comment below.