Spotlight on Grilled Oysters

Grilled Oysters with Smoked Lemon Aioli

Today’s spotlight will shine on one of the greatest foods of all, the Oyster.  The greatest of all foods?  Yes, this fantastic shellfish can produce not only a gastronomic symphony on your palate, served at the finest of high society engagements, but it also produces the jewelery for such events.

How does Ocean Crest Resort prepare oysters for your pure enjoyment?

We believe in a straight forward approach.  The oyster is fantastic and should not be overly decorated.  We start with tender yearling oysters from Lytle Seafoods, right here in Grays Harbor County.  These oysters are grown just miles from our restaurant.  We toss our oysters in panko and put them on our flat top grill with a little Ocean Crest Seasoning.  Then we serve them with our house made Smoked Lemon Aioli which consists on smoked lemon juice. smoked sea salt, garlic and mayonnaise.

Like they say in the Infomercials “It’s just that easy!”

These oysters are so good, we constantly have people say they are the best they’ve ever had!

This photo is of a 1/2 order of Grilled Oysters, you’ll want the full order.

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