Spotlight on Duck

Roast Duck Breast with Maple and Cranberry Glaze

I can’t believe it took 3 posts before I wrote about the duck!  Everybody knows that the duck is probably my favorite item on our dinner menu.  But, did you know that the duck is also my 9 year old son’s favorite dish?  Tyson has some food allergies so he has never eaten like most kids.  Tyson loves a good steak, Dungeness crab, and this duck.

The duck that we prepare in our restaurant is very simple and outrageously delicious.  We start with Long Island White duck breasts and leave them in the refrigerator uncovered so the skin can dry out, this aids with a little crisping.  To cook the duck we lightly oil the skin side of the breast and lightly dust with our Ocean Crest Seasoning, the oil helps the seasoning stick to the dry skin.  We then place the duck skin side down in a hot saute pan.  The pan should not have any oil added to it because as the duck cooks it’s fat will render into the pan.  After the skin is seared to a nice golden brown, we place the duck in our convection oven and cook for about 6 minutes at 375 degrees.  We are looking for a nice medium rare.  I know, I hear it all the time “You can’t serve poultry medium rare!”  Relax, the same rules that apply to chickens and turkeys don’t apply to game birds like duck, pheasant, quail, etc.  If you are dealing with a red meat game bird, medium rare is safe.

When we remove the duck from the oven we take it out of the pan and let it rest on a cutting board.  The duck left us a little liquid love in the pan, duck fat.  We use that fat to build our sauce.  We place the saute pan on a burner, turned up to Hi, and add wine poached cranberries, demi-glace, and pure maple syrup.  We allow the sauce to come together and reduce slightly and then pour it over our plated duck breasts.  But we’re not quite done yet.  Lastly we top the duck with some candied pecans.

The pecans were candied with pure maple syrup and Ocean Crest Seasoning so you get a nutty, sweet, savory flavor.

Just imagine the tender duck breast with a slightly crisped skin, the crunch of pecans, the zing of cranberries, the sweetness of maple, and the rich duck flavor all coming together on your palate.  MMmmmmmmm!

Have you ever had our Duck?  What do you think?