The Culinary Madman will be making an appearance at the Ocean Shores Food, Wine , and Arts Festival!

What kinds of delights will The Culinary Madman be preparing for your enjoyment?  He has decided on what he calls a Trilogy of Tantalizing Treats.

1. Cheddar Apple Kisses- A fantastic drop biscuit with hints of apple, cinnamon, ginger, and maple.

2. Chocolate Cherry Bergamot Torte- This delicious dessert has many complex flavors from it’s components of chocolate, dried morello cherries, almond flour, and oil of bergamot.

3. Dungeness Crab and Mango Cocktail- As Vice President of the OPLCTA (Olympic Peninsula Loop Culinary Tourism Association), Olympic Culinary Loop for short, The Culinary Madman wanted to feature a local delicacy.  But, to nobody’s surprise, he just couldn’t put together your standard dish.  He thought that the harmonious marriage of Dungeness Crab with horseradish and tomato condiment needed to be messed with by introducing a stone fruit or two into the mix, thusly turning a classic symphony of flavors into a Rock Concert for your mouth!